A 100% Italian high-tech handmade design project

Six among the most fascinating cities in the world, forged through an high-tech manifacturing process. Six stories and a select design project, with the best finishing and a lightweight, durable and eco-friendly material: aluminium.

Experience the essence of a city and build your personal skyline

All our skylines are made to be combined. They are the stories, you are the author. Collect the cities you love and trace your own line.

The electro colouring method

Suspendo is realized in ve different colours. Our skylines were immersed in a particular acid solution with metal salts, which gives them their distinctive fascinating nuances. Baltic blue, slate, black, gold, green rockpearl.

Black gloom obsessions


green growing sequoia forest



King Midas rubbing gold



Blue drops of the Baltic Sea



The Italian mastery: a history of purity and essentiality.

lines and shape

lines and shape

Each piece of our collection is made with maestry. It is the result of a highly specialized manifacturing process. The best Italian expertise and a rigorous quality standard control for a product we are definitely proud of.


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